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Incorporated in 2002, Royaltie operates a flexible, flat structure with co-ownership on each project. Our people take on unique challenges, inspiring and supporting growing businesses around the world.

Royaltie is a member of The Pro-Niche Network.

The Royaltie Group

Strategic brand & Business management (since 2002)

P.O. Box 51738 - 00200,
Nairobi CBD


+254 734 632 322
+254 717 632 322


Our Niche Specialties

Boston | London | Nairobi | Lagos | Accra | Port-Au-Prince | Santo Domingo


Campaigns and persona branding.


Brand and Business management.

Niche Client Service

Specialized Staffing and Project Outsourcing


Conferences and Niche network connections

Our Key People

Funke Michaels

22-year marketing career in high-powered roles across 5 continents. Funke brings a wealth of experince from brands like Coca-Cola, Rothmans, Heineken, Subaru and Samsung. She is an MIT Sloan Fellow, and Edward S. Mason Fellow at Harvard University.

Nick Muigai Kenyatta

Our Boston-trained AV partner is CEO at MIA an international outfit providing comprehensive media services across Africa.

Charity Macharia

A graduate of hospitality management from Kenyatta University, Charity combines the administrative side with client service, and events management.

Sally Njogu

Daughter of the Kenyan Elephant. Sally makes Beautiful digital noise. Our social media platforms, clients' online pages, and celebrity network contacts are her specialty.

Duncan Gichu

Our graphics design guru has a background in coding, audiovisual design and engineering marketing. Duncan brings innovative new interpretations to campaigns.

The Royaltie Group

Strategic brand & Business management
(since 2002)

P.O. Box 51738 - 00200,
Nairobi CBD

Phone: +254 734 632 322
+254 717 632 322